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We tailor a program for you and provide rates for all budgets.

Rates for a la carte training are determined by package chosen, session length and experience of the trainer.

Rates for hybrid and online-only training plans are determined by plan chosen.

Rate sheets are provided upon filling out the form below.

A la Carte Sessions: For those who want the white glove experience with regular special attention and customization to each and every workout, live personal training sessions are the way to go! All packages over 8-sessions may be used over a period of three months. Client and trainer will determine the best days/times to lock in on a consistent basis, understanding travel and life events may occasionally require some flexibility. This plan does not include any online calendars of supplemental workouts on other days of the week but we are happy to suggest some homework.

Hybrid Performance Program: For those who want daily accountability to workout on their own as well as in the studio with a trainer. This program provides the client with an online calendar of daily workouts and rest days as well as in-person personal training sessions at Studio 1-on-1.

Online Training Program: If coming to Studio 1-on-1 is not an option, we can provide you with monthly web-based calendars of workouts.

See Hybrid & Online Training for more descriptions of these plans.

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