hybrid & online coaching

If budget, location and/or time are limited commodities,
we will help you reach your goals with hybrid and online training programs.

Online Training: Custom Plans. Receive an online calendar of workouts customized to your fitness level, goals, schedule and equipment. Plus includes meal tracking (text or photo), progress tracking, weekly one-on-one calls/support with a trainer and an option to participate in a private support group with other like-minded individuals. Program lengths: 12-week Signature Program followed by optional 6 and 12 month Legacy Programs.

What you get:

  • * Custom, 12-week, workout calendar
  • * Challenging workouts created by a trainer at Studio 1-on-1
  • * Workouts that can be done at home or a gym
  • * Weekly video chats or phone calls
  • * Accountability via in-app messaging & online group support
  • * Weekly email support
  • * Affordability

Hybrid Training: Custom Plans. For the serious person who is wanting to see amazing results in 12 weeks! Take advantage of weekly in-person training AND the structure and accountability of an online training program, customized to your fitness level and equipment. Option of continuing the online program with either a 6 month or 12 month program after the initial 12 weeks.

What you get:

        • * Everything in Online Training PLUS…
        • * 30-minute in-person sessions at Studio 1-on-1 (choose from a variety of packages)

Studio 1-on-1 uses Trainerize for our online coaching: