hybrid & online coaching

If budget, location and/or time are limited commodities,
we will help you reach your goals with hybrid and online training programs.

Hybrid Training. If you are in our ‘hood but like the idea of online training, we encourage you to participate in our Hybrid Program which is a combination of online coaching with in-person training. With this program, you get a set number of “live” in-person sessions with a trainer at Studio 1-on-1 along with a web-based calendar of workouts for the month. This is the best of both worlds but still economic and a bonus for the traveler. There are multiple plans to choose from depending on how many days you want to work with a trainer. Plans range from $189 – $499 per month. Additional in-person sessions may be purchased at a special rate.

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Online Training. While Hybrid plans are great, they may not be feasible for everyone which is why we also offer online-only training programs. You are provided with top-quality, challenging workouts from a trainer at Studio 1-on-1 and which can be done on your own time at home, in a gym and while traveling. They work best if you can obtain a few pieces of basic equipment (i.e., dumbbells, resistance bands, bench or chair) but many exercises use only bodyweight. Prices range from $29 – $179 per plan or per month, dependent on the program that is chosen.

For a complete list of current online programs, CLICK HERE. We update programs so always check back for more!

Studio 1-on-1 uses Trainerize for our online coaching: