“Laura and her team are great! I’ve been a repeat client for a few years and really enjoy training at Studio 1-on-1. I initially started for general weight loss and increased muscle tone with great results and now I’m back after having a baby to get back into shape. Laura treats all of her clients like family. Love her and the whole team!”

-Jordana T.

“I have been with Laura and Studio 1-on-1 for years now and I love it. I started out a bit hesitant because at the time, I had not been very active or dedicated to my well being. I decided that it was time to get into the best shape of my adulthood and Laura helped me to achieve that with care, finesse, encouragement and understanding of my physical limitations. I went from 200 lbs. and 20% body fat to 175 lbs. and 10% body fat and a wonderful understanding of important eating habits and discipline without giving up meals. It is a great studio without the pressure of loads of people watching your workout or skill and a very encouraging environment.”

-Myron G.

“Laura’s expertise as a personal trainer to assess my current physical fitness, identification of fitness goals, and the path to execute to achieve those goals is outstanding. I started with Laura for an initial 12-week engagement which has evolved into ~ 4 years of dedicated commitment. Laura goes above and beyond for her clients, and takes an approach that is not just focused on physical athleticism, but on overall physical well-being (e.g. food, health, etc.). My overall physical well-being has positively increased as a direct result of Laura’s deep knowledge and expertise.”

-Melissa B.

“Laura has a great focus on client needs and learned quickly how far she can push me. She believes technique is critical which so many trainers disregard or consider irrelevant. Her workouts are structured to work compatible muscle groups that I find very efficient. She is great and her history of performance and training success speak to that greatness.”

-Bill T.

“Laura and Studio 1-on-1 is what keeps me on track with my health, exercise and diet. Without Laura to motivate me with a tailored fit, varied workout routine, I would not be in the shape I am in. Thank you for making me feel good inside and out! “

-Brianna P.

“Extraordinary Trainer! I have been training at Studio 1-on-1 consistently several times a week for over a decade. My workout is customized to my needs and I can honestly say I haven’t had the same workout yet! I’ve even worked out through two pregnancies and Laura took the time to make adjustments to my workout for my safety and comfort. I feel like when my muscles start to peak, Laura sees that and adjusts my workout accordingly. Incredible motivation! The studio is modern, clean and very private. The equipment is updated regularly so I don’t feel like I’m working out on anything outdated. If you haven’t yet tried a Sproing treadmill, this is the place to do it!”

-Kim D.

“I am very pleased with the training expertise and attention I have received at Studio 1-on-1 Fitness Training. I have been training with Laura for 15 years and have made consistent gains in strength, balance and function. She also was very instrumental with my therapy program after my hip surgery.”

-Clay A.

“Having Laura as my personal trainer has greatly improved my quality of life. Prior to working out with her, I was in rough shape, recovering from an auto accident and afraid to attempt much physical activity. After a year and a half with Laura, I am definitely more physically confident in my everyday life. Laura always has new exercises and equipment to keep the workouts interesting. I like her studio where it is never crowded and always pleasant. Working out with Laura will continue to help me to deal with some of the physical challenges of aging. Thanks, Laura, for having the right amount of “serious” balanced with a great sense of fun.”

-Martha H.

“Laura is an excellent trainer. But to state this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of why she’s the best. Laura gets to know the client; the needs, the goals, the abilities. And then she motivates and pushes you to stretch those goals, further your abilities, and push you towards meeting those goals and striving for better. She has an acute knowledge of strength, flexibility and cardio exercises to seamlessly move you from one to the next. She models the techniques if you’re unsure, gives simple and easy to follow advice to correct your form .She knows when to push you and when to stretch you. In short, she’s a one-stop shop. Highly professional, friendly and talented. You can’t get this kind of training in a “big-box” gym.”

-Tom C.

“I absolutely adore Ashley. I was a little nervous because Cindy was so amazing but I have really enjoyed working with Ashley. She provides great feedback and is super quick on her feet to adjust or modify any exercises/positions for me. And I feel like she knows what my body needs and which part needs to be worked out that day. She doesn’t let me struggle but knows just the right time to push me when I can get another 2-4 reps in. I love the encouragement she gives because it feels like she cares and wants to get me into better shape. There are definitely days I do not want to work out but she always manages to get to finish my workout and I leave feeling so much better. I have really enjoyed getting to know Ashley and I am looking forward to continuing our journey and getting into shape!”

-Kim O.

“I was very impressed with the way I felt after my training sessions with Ashley! I can say that every time I leave my workouts with her I am sore (a good sore) the next day. She pushes me to a limit that I didn’t know I could achieve. Honestly I was a little hesitant about a new trainer since being with Cindy for so long but she has me doing different exercises using different muscles all the time. I love her variety of moves and never get bored. I am not good with change but I can honestly say she is great!”

-Amy R.

“I have to admit I was super nervous about a new trainer after working with Cindy for 2 years. Especially because I’ve had an elbow injury and a broken foot all within the last year. But I didn’t want to walk away from Studio 1 on 1 with out giving it a try. Ashley first shadowed while I did my normal workout with Cindy. It was during this time that my first fear was put at ease…would our personalities click? Ashley is sweet and down to earth. I knew she would be fun to workout with. She trained me on my second time meeting her. I was very impressed. She was tough and challenged me and that’s exactly what I need. During the first full week of working out with Ashley my second fear was put at ease….would she be able to accommodate my injuries? She did! My elbow flared up one day and she adjusted mid workout to avoid injury. She also came up with a weekly plan that will avoid overworking the muscles that cause this particular injury to flare up. She asks during workouts how those injuries are feeling and corrects my form where needed. I’ve been working with her for 3 weeks now and I’ve found her to be very competent and just a pleasure to be around. I’m not going any where!”

-Lori E.