training benefits

Our personal trainers utilize simple testing tools and methods to gain
an accurate perspective of your current fitness levels, physical
obstacles, and exercise preferences.

Life is full of curveballs and often we not only need physical stress release but mental and emotional support as well. Let Studio 1-on-1 be your “safe place.”  Whether you need to discuss vocational or relational challenges, want to brainstorm ideas for reaching certain goals, need a little hand-holding to keep with a new eating pattern or just need to let off steam, this is your spot. As a Lifestyle Management studio, we invest in YOU and all conversations are strictly confidential.

We typically perform full body assessments at the start of the first or second client visit, then again after 6 weeks and ongoing from there. If changes are not seen at these marker points, we will tweak the program and nutrition guidelines in order to reach the intended goals.

The “core” of our body includes more than just the abs. Indeed, all the muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis encompass our core. Thus we need to strengthen our backs, obliques and hip flexors in addition to the abdominals! With the proper exercises, our trainers help clients gain a stronger core which then translates into a solid base of support for the body leading to more power, greater strength and overall improved balance.

As we age, balance and stability become increasingly important. Using various stability exercise protocols, our trainers will work with you on this vital aspect throughout your daily routines.

Who doesn’t feel stress these days? Studio 1-on-1 is the perfect location to let out the frustrations of the day. If our clients come in with furrowed lines on their foreheads, we might throw on the boxing gloves and let them have at it for a few minutes. Plus, due to the privacy and confidentiality of our facility, what is said in the studio stays in the studio. Best to voice out your aggravations here before heading back home or into the office.

Toned extremities are not the only focus of our programs. We must also concentrate on our organs, the most important being our heart lungs, and brain! Trainers at Studio 1-on-1 pay careful attention to heart rates and breathing tempos of our clients, and constantly challenge clients with mind-body coordination skills. When the body works together as a whole, the results will be amazing!

With the obesity epidemic being at its highest point ever, people everywhere are looking for successful weight loss plans. Our trainers realize this does not just mean “exercise.” A holistic approach must be taken to include nutritional guidance and accountability, cardio and resistance training, mental and emotional improvement and rest. Working with our trainers one-on-one provides you with the resources, accountability and confidant needed to successfully shed fat and gain lean muscle.

Sometimes the nutrition aspect can be the most challenging when making a change in wellness. While trainers at Studio 1-on-1 will provide guidance in this area, we cannot prescribe a diet since we are not licensed nutritionists. However, over the years we have developed relationships with quality and established meal prep and delivery services in the Charlotte area. We are happy to ***THE COPY ENDED HERE***

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